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Keyword research – The make or break of your content efficiency

Keyword research

is a task that most companies love having but dread doing. Thinking you can ignore doing keyword research or that it is a one-time done deal thing is a mistake. Keyword research should be done on a regular basis.

If you are not familiar with the concept of keyword research, it’s finding phrases or words users are searching for on search engines. Keywords are divided into two types: short-tail and long-tail. An example of a short-tail keyword is “marketing” while an example of a long-tail keyword is “digital marketing in South Africa”.

Important phrases to understand keyword research:

Volume – This term refers to the number of searches for a specific keyword in a given timeframe.

Competition – This is the level of difficulty involved in ranking for a particular keyword. The higher the competition the more pages you need to beat to obtain a top spot in search engine rankings.

Value – This is the value for cost per click which shows an average amount that advertisers would pay per click to advertise on Google.

Keywords is the key

Keyword research provides a way to understand your audience and the questions they are asking. Keywords helps you to then answer these questions by using a mix of the keywords and phrases in your content. Keyword research is the key to helping your company continue to survive in the online marketing place. It will help you rank as high as possible on the most popular search engines. This process can also serve as a blueprint to your content marketing team to understand what content to market.

Benefits of keyword research

Except for the obvious like improving your SEO ranking and so on, here are some other benefits you might not have thought of…

Gives you the opportunity to make use of your time efficiently – It’s no secret that keyword research is quite time consuming, but when you have finished it you will know exactly what to do, saving you time and effort in the future where you could have wasted it creating content that is not relevant.

Makes you target the right audience – Let’s say your website is about “soccer” items but you are writing your article about ‘football’ items. That is not necessarily going to please soccer fans even though they are similar topics. Keyword research will help you stay on topic and focus on your target audience.

Starts your marketing army - The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army.” – Jay Baer. Giving people the content they want, after doing the relevant keyword research, means that people will most likely share your content. Your website will grow organically and will then require less efforts in the area of link building.

Digital Content Lab – The Keyword research and content creating gurus

We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative data to determine the top 20 to 40 keywords or phrases in your industry. This data is weighted according to volume, cost per click competition and value. Not only do we thrive in our keyword research, but we also flourish in our copywriting. What makes us different? We take blogging and content creating to the next level and include your top keywords. After all what’s the point of writing about interesting things if your customer can’t find it? Digital Content Lab created the term SEO blogging for this process we follow for writing articles with purpose – to achieve organic ranking in search engines.

If you would like us to do your keyword research for you or your SEO blogging , feel free to email us at

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